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 Can you get parts/repairs?
Yes. Parts are available in the US and we can also order directly from Japan, if necessary. Filters, spark plugs, etc are available at your local parts store such as Napa, Schucks, or other.

 Does the speedometer and odometer read in kilometers?
Yes, the speedometer and odometer are both in kilometers. The conversion factor is .62.
For example: 80 kph x .62 = 50 mph.

 Are they all right hand drive?
Yes, these mini trucks are imported from Japan where their vehicles are all right hand drive.

 What colors do they come in?
Basically they all come in white, but we have 3 different cammo options available for you to pick from if you would prefer a really cool looking rig.

 What gearboxes do they have?
Suzuki "Carry"- usually a 4spd hi/low but some have a 5spd + extra low gear ( 6 spd ) - no hi/low.
1st gear low ratio and extra low gear are very similar.
(1st low maybe very marginally slower.)

Mitsubishi "Minicab"- 4spd hi/low ratio or 5spd hi/low.

Honda "Acty"- 5spd fulltime 4wd - no hi/low.

Daihatsu "Hijet"- all have a 4spd hi/low ratio gearbox .
Some late 1992 on have a std 5 spd g/box - no hi/low ratio.

Subaru "Sambar"- all have a 5spd + extra low gear ( 6 spd ). No hi/low.

 How heavy are mini trucks?
- approx 1540lbs (700kg) . This will vary a little depending on the extras fitted etc