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"An Authorized Mini Truck Dealer in East Texas!"

We Are Importers of
Japanese Mini Trucks

Who We Are:

The mini trucks we are offering are the best things to hit the ATV-UTV market since automatic shifters. We offer 1991 & newer trucks with 660 cc gasoline engines, we also offer vans, deck vans, and extended cab trucks (better known as jumbos).

We only sell top quality class "A" vehicles at unbelievable prices. We specialize in custom mini trucks. The cost of the truck is about the same as an ATV or half the price of a conventional mule, rhino, ranger, or gator.

A Variety of Cammo & Other

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 We are pleased to announce we can take orders for 2001-2010 Suzuki Mini Trucks! 
 Contact us for more information - #903-244-2000 

About Mini Trucks:

Mini trucks (referred to as Japanese mini trucks or Kei trucks) are imported from Japan. These trucks have been around since the 1960's and are used for a wide variety of jobs in Japan. Our mini trucks are 4 WD and equipped with 4 or 5-speed manual transmission. Mini trucks are 10'6" long and 52" wide with a bed 6' 4"long. The bed sides and tailgate fold down and can be removed to make a flat bed. The carrying capacity combined with the 4 WD makes these a very inexpensive alternative to other utility vehicles. The uses for the for the mini trucks range from: hunting and fishing, maintenance vehicles, farming and ranching, security vehicles and many other uses.

We offer these for OFF-ROAD USE ONLY. They are not legal for use on highways. According to current US Regulations we cannot sell them for anything other than OFF-ROAD USE. All of our trucks have been modified with speed limiting devices to meet or exceed per EPA 40 CFR 85.1703. (A) not to exceed 25 MPH .

We will do our best to insure you get a high quality truck at a reasonable price.

Our Accessories Page offers a multitude of items available for your Japanese Mini Truck such as: Camoclad camo kits, Universal Dump Beds, Winches, Seat Covers, Lift Kits, Tires and Wheels, etc.

Our Comparison Page gives you a head to head comparison of The Japanese Mini Truck against "RTV’s and UTV’s”.
AKA: Yamaha Rhino, Kawasaki Mule, Polaris Ranger, John Deere Gator.

These are the ultimate replacement for the ATV, RTV, or Glorified Golf Cart and has so many more uses and are much more comfortable!! You owe it to yourself to check out the Kei Class Mini Trucks from Japan as an alternative to a higher priced not similarly equipped Mule, Rhino, Gator. They are a lot safer than an ATV.

We can help make arrangements for delivery at buyers expense.

Our Japanese mini trucks are also great to keep you out of the weather. With a Japanese Mini Truck you have the comfort of your truck for both the summer and the winter. They are equipped with a heater and can have an air conditioner as well. It is also nice to have an enclosed cab, windshield wipers, seat belts, headlights. All of this with the versatility of an ATV. These are great on fuel with our mini trucks get up to 50 miles per gallon. Our mini trucks come to us with very low mileage. All of our great mini trucks are inspected by certified Japanese mechanics to make sure they have no mechanical defects. We also inspect the trucks when they arrive to make sure they meet our satisfaction. We do a complete service on all the trucks we sell (change oil, air filter, spark plugs and plug wires if needed, check cooling system). Some dealers just check the oil, add gas, and sell the trucks just like they arrived from Japan without inspecting nothing.

We will never sell a truck without a complete inspection!

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Ark-La-Tex Minitrucks LLC

PO Box 7526
Texarkana, TX 75503

Roy Woods
Phone: (903) 244-2000

"Dealer Certified by JMTDA"